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Soundcrafti ui24r Firmware 3.0

Nuovo firmware 3.0 per Soundcraft Ui24R disponibile ora

Una delle nuove incredibili features: consente di collegare due sistemi Ui24R tramite Ethernet per espandere la capacità di missaggio con bus audio bidirezionale 32x32!

Features in the free 3.0 fimware update:

  • Cascading: Double your inputs or double your mixes
  • Cue Recall: save mix settings as Cues and then quickly and seamlessly recall them
  • UDP Control Recall: for triggering lighting control snapshots
  • Lexicon Reverb PreDelay: easily set the time before first surface reflections and simulate desired acoustic environments
  • More than 25 new supported touch screens

Download il firmware qui

Software Update Instructions for Ui24R

  • Download the uiupdate file from the Soundcraft website.
  • Copy the file to a USB media device suitable for connection to a Ui mixers USB port.
  • Note: The file can reside in any directory. Any USB port on the mixer is acceptable.
  • Ensure a client device is connected to the Ui mixer GUI.
  • Connect USB media to the Ui mixer
  • The GUI display will display that the USB device has been mounted. After the stick has been read (maybe 10 more seconds) the update will be recognised.
  • The GUI will prompt you if you would like to update the Ui mixer. Options are Ok/Cancel.
  • Select OK to confirm
  • The Ui mixer will perform a firmware update
  • The GUI will present a message stating whether the update has been successful or not.
  • You must power cycle the unit and reconnect the client device. Power off for at least 10-15 seconds before powering back on. 
  • Note: A flick of the power off/on will almost always fail to boot properly, and can get stuck in continuous flashing blue wifi led. Make sure to power off, wait 10-15 seconds, then power on. The blue wifi led will pulse/flash for around 10-15 seconds then remain on.
  • You can now browse to the about page to see the new firmware version information.
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